What is electronic commerce ?

what is electronic payment system in e commerce

The term e-commerce, or e-commerce, may be familiar to many of us. However, we do not know everything that is behind this activity. In general terms, electronic commerce is the purchase and sale of products or services through the Internet and computer networks. In addition, it involves tasks such as marketing, content and information on the network. All this supposes a revolution in the way in which the companies communicate and work in their commercial activity.

The importance of this method is the accessibility that customers of a company can have the products or services offered by the company, from anywhere and at any time. Apart from this, what more advantages can e-commerce provide?

What is electronic market in e commerce ?

  • Expand the database and customers of the company, how to expand your business and your sales.
  • It makes it possible to have a business schedule of 24 hours a day, every day of the year thanks to the online environment. This can be an advantage for the company compared to itsĀ 
  • competitors and customers to find and access them without problems, at any time.
  • It allows to improve the communication and the feedback with the clients, to attend your requests and questions. In this way, you can also generate greater loyalty among your customers.
  • The company can greatly reduce its costs, for example in production, personnel or administration.
  • It is more comfortable for many customers, allows you to find offers and lower prices, plus savings in time and travel.
  • We must take into account the growth that the Internet and this type of exchanges are currently experiencing. People are increasingly confirming this way of acquiring products and services; In addition, purchase formulas have been created that generate trust among users. Therefore, companies are related to electronic commerce. If you are interested in the world of commerce and sales, you want to broaden your experience and introduce yourself to electronic commerce, take a look at our marketing and sales courses.

No physical presence: Although this is improving over time, the fact that visitors can not see or feel any of their products can be a disadvantage.

Here are some ways to solve this problem:

  • Offer free returns
  • Add high resolution images.
  • Show customers using their products
  • Include videos of your products in use.
  • It includes a very detailed description of your products.
  • Put a section of frequently asked questions on each page of the product.

Types of e-commerce merchants

In general, there are two types of e-commerce merchants:

1. Those selling physical products: This is quite self-explanatory. It is only the purchase and sale of physical products through some type of electronic means. For example, you could be selling products from any of the following niches: fashion, accessories, household items, toys, etc.

2. Stores that sell digital products (also downloadable products): If you have ever purchased an online course, this is included in the category of ‘digital products’. As a general rule, if you have to access the product through an online member area or if you have to download it, it is likely to be a ‘digital product’.

In theory, everything about e-commerce sounds impressive, however, like most things, there are some challenges that you must overcome when launching your own e-commerce on your own.

Therefore, for the sake of balance, we thought we would present the possible pitfalls that you might encounter during the childhood of your e-commerce trip.

  • Trust: Trust is a great word in e-commerce and it comes in many different forms.
  • The user experience is vital for electronic commerce
  • Providing an excellent user experience is a fundamental characteristic of any successful e-commerce store.

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