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The Eye Tribe was a Danish new business that created eye following innovation and was pitching it to programming engineers for them to join the eye GPS beacon into their applications and projects. The Eye Tribe’s product enabled a client to coordinate an advanced mobile phone, tablet, or PC with simply the appearance of an eye. The organization concentrated on a smooth appearance and a convenient structure.


Sune Alstrup john (CEO), Javier San Agustin, Martin Tall (CTO), and Henrik Skovsgaard are the four authors of the organization began in 2011. The four men met in 2006 at the IT University of Copenhagen. The four rapidly found their desire to make eye-following innovation at a reasonable expense, and before long took the rights and possession for their thoughts from the college where they were working and made their new business. The men named the organization “Senseye”, until later changing their name to “The Eye Tribe”.The organization began to take off in 2011 when The Eye Tribe partook in the European Startup Bootcamp quickening agent program. After the StartupBootcamp, the organization began to make its imprint and become all the more outstanding, winning a spot in the “Cool Vendors in Human-Machine Interface, 2012” report by Gartner Inc. among five different organizations. Later in 2012, The Eye Tribe got US$2.3 million from the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation and another million from private European financial specialists. The Eye Tribe is likewise driving a USD 4.4 million government-subsidized venture, making it the real undertaking for creating eye following for hand-held gadgets. On December 12 2016 The Eye Tribe sent an email to its client list, educating them that they “chose to take a new turn with their innovation and halted improvement of their items.” On 29 December Facebook purchased the organization for its Oculus division so as to join the innovation in Vr gaming.


As of October 2013, The Eye Tribe was preparing to convey the principal shipments of their eye following innovation. The Eye Tribe has broken the record for littlest eye tracker gadget on the planet, estimating in at 20 × 1.9 × 1.9 cm. Additionally, the eye tracker does not require a different power source, making it considerably increasingly versatile. The gadget utilizes a USB 3.0 association, which enables it to keep running with most PCs and tablets. The Eye Tribe is perfect with Microsoft Windows 7 or more up to date and OS X, yet the organization is chipping away at help for other significant stages, for example, Android. They are pitching the gadget to engineers with a basic programming improvement unit utilizing C++, C# and Java programming stages.

The fundamental parts of the Eye Tribe tracker are a camera and a high-goals infrared LED,which can without much of a stretch be set up in a wireless or cell phone. The Eye Tribe’s gadget utilizes a camera to follow the client’s eye development. The camera tracks even the most tiny of developments of the clients’ understudies, by taking the pictures and running them through PC vision calculations. The calculations read “on-screen look facilitates” and help the product to then figure out where on the screen the client is looking. The calculations likewise work with the equipment, camera sensor and light, to upgrade the clients’ encounters in a wide range of sorts of light settings and condition, despite the fact that the gadget works best inside.

Before utilizing the eye GPS beacon, an adjustment is required all together for the gadget to discover a client’s understudies and recognize interesting eye qualities expected to help upgrade the exactness of following one’s look. The tracker has a normal exactness of about 0.5 level of visual point and can recognize and pursue the development of an eye with sub millimeter accuracy, which is around the extent of a fingertip.

  • Examining rate: 30 Hz and 60 Hz mode
  • Accuracy: 0.5° (normal)
  • Spatial resolution: 0.1° (RMS)
  • Latency:  < 20 ms at 60 Hz
  • Calibration:  5, 9, 12 points
  • Working range: 45 cm – 75 cm
  • Following area: 40 cm × 30 cm at 65 cm separation
  • Screen sizes:  Up to 24 inches
  • Programming interface/SDK:   C++, C# and Java included
  • Information output       Binocular look information
  • Dimensions:     (W/H/D) 20 × 1.9 × 1.9 cm (7.9 × 0.75 × 0.75 inches)
  • Weight:              70 g
  • Connection:      USB 3.0 Superspeed


The Eye Tribe Company is building up their eye GPS beacon with the expectation that sooner rather than later numerous items, for example, advanced mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, will convey Eye Tribe’s product. The organization’s objective is for their eye following innovation to turn into a family thing and a typical component on generally gadgets.

From their demos, The Eye Tribe clarifies that they trust their innovation will end up adaptable, utilized for some things from diversions to working, from perusing the web to security. A diversion regularly utilized in their demos is Fruit Ninja, an application on most advanced mobile phones (utilized in iPhones and androids). The amusement as a rule utilizes a touch screen to cut organic product, however with eye clan innovation, the gamer would simply take a gander at the screen and utilize their look to play. Eye Tribe is working with other application architects to incorporate their innovation into different recreations for delight.

The Eye Tribe Company frequently exhibits how their product functions in their demos by demonstrating somebody looking down a site page by simply gazing at the screen. It represents how the gadget can be without hands when required, making it simple and snappy to peruse and peruse the web. A model would be the point at which you are viewing a how-to video, you can delay it or rewind with your eyes, on the grounds that your hands are excessively occupied.

Another case of eye following is security. Clients can set a look worked secret key, where they would need to take a gander at specific pieces of the screen so as to open the gadget. Some would contend this is a progressively proficient and secure approach to bolt their gadgets.

Shutting down

On December 12, 2016, The Eye Tribe sent the accompanying email to their clients:

An Update From The Eye Tribe

Much obliged to you for supporting The Eye Tribe and requesting the world’s first really moderate eye tracker. It is clients like you that have helped us get to where we are today.

Lamentably, we’ve chosen to take a new turn with our innovation and will stop advancement of our items. We figured you ought to hear this news straightforwardly from us. We thank you for the time you’ve spent in dialogs.

Following quite a long while of giving on the web eye following examination, we are declaring that we are wrapping up EyeProof. On January 31th 2017 we will close down our administration and erase all information. No client information, account data, upgrades or chronicles will be kept after this point.

We need to make this end as smooth as workable for everybody who utilizes EyeProof. In the event that you have a functioning record you can download every one of your information before the end date. We benevolently request that you explore to the fare area, which can be found on the right-side board, for every one of your examinations and physically send out your information and screen captures. The EyeProof documentation has a segment clarifying the various fields for the crude information, obsessions,

All the best and thank you for supporting EyeProof and adding to the eye following network.


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