How to Breed Cherry Barbs

how to breed cherry barbs fish

Cherry Barbs are a little, brilliant and tranquil expansion to any network tank. They bring forth in all respects effectively by will dissipating the eggs all over. They don’t raise their broil and will eat the eggs and sear. how to breed cherry barbs ?

Hardware Needed:

  • 5-10g Aquarium
  • Warmer
  • Vacuum apparatus
  • Wipe Filter
  • Plastic Canvas (Fit to partition Aquarium)
  • 2-3 Jars
  • Air Stone
  • Heaps of Java Moss
  • Brackish water Shrimp Eggs
  • Grown-up Brine Shrimp

Cherry Barbs, more is smarter to pick best ones.

  • Turkey Bastor
  • Aquarium Salt
  • Discretionary; Black Background, Magnifying Glass.

Before you begin, you should be set up to do:

  • 3-5 Small Feedings daily.
  • Every day half Water Changes.
  • A home for all the Fry once they have grown up.


  • Cycle your Sponge Filter in your Cherry Barbs set up tank for one month ahead of time.
  • Fill your 5-10g Aquarium with water from your Cherry Barbs tank, include Sponge Filter, Heater (Set same as Cherry Barbs Tank) and Plastic Canvas down the center leaving no holes and partitioning aquarium into two.

Choosing your Fish:

  • Pick 2-4 Adult fish of blended Sexes.
  • Select the Males that have the most splendid Red/Pink shading.
  • Select the fattest Females.
  • Add your Cherry Barbs to the Tank, Females one side, Males the other.


  • You should Condition your Cherry Barbs for 1-2 Weeks nourishing them routinely on Adult Brine Shrimp and Frozen Bloodworms. Just as every day half Water Changes.
  • Refined your Fry Food. (Infusoria)
  • 2-3 Days before you discharge your Cherry Barbs together you should begin a culture of sustenance for your sear.
  • Fill 2 Jars with a set up Aquariums water or De-chlorinated Tap Water.
  • Add a dried lettuce Leaf to each Jar and leave in a Sunny Window.

The Spawn:

  • Late at night, Turn every one of the lights out, evacuate the divider and include as much Java greenery you have.
  • Remember to check the females Size! Presently think about it.

The Next Day:

  • When you wake up turn the Lights on, check the females size to check whether they have brought forth. In the event that they are as yet a similar leave the lights on leave for a couple more hours.
  • Still haven’t generated? Rehash the procedure tomorrow.
  • When you wake up to thin female Cherry Barbs. Evacuate every one of the grown-ups to their ordinary tank.

The Fry:

  • The eggs should bring forth in the following couple days. The sear will be little and difficult to see, so don’t get stressed on the off chance that you don’t see the eggs or cook for to seven days after the fact!
  • 2 Days after the generate begin including your Infusorians. Of which the Jar should look shady at this point. If not utilize your other Jar. Squirt a bit in utilizing your Turkey Bastor in little sums the same number of times each day. When you get low begin another culturein advance for when you complete your present container.
  • This is the place a dark foundation proves to be useful. When appended to the back. The sear are anything but difficult to see against it.
  • When you first observe them they will look like pink lines with 2 eyes. No greater than 2mm long.

Remember to stay aware of Daily Water Changes!

Greater Fry!

* When your sear get greater you will have a general thought of what number of you have. In the event that you have beyond any reasonable amount to deal with, don’t feel awful about bolstering a couple to your grown-up Fish. It will leave less challenge for sustenance and more space for your other Fry giving them the most obvious opportunity to endure. Before sufficiently long your broil will be sufficiently enormous to eat Baby Brine Shrimp, so we best get refined a few!

Bring forth Brine Shrimp.

* Get a container and load up with a set up Aquariums water or De-chlorinated Tap Water. Your Box of Aquarium Salt should express the amount to utilize per Liter of water. Subsequent to including the salt Stir in actually well. Presently add your Air stone joined to a pneumatic machine and obviously your Brine Shrimp Eggs. The eggs should bring forth in 24 hours and feed simply like you were with Infusoria.

Congrats!!! On the off chance that you have gotten this far you have effectively Spawned and raised your First Egg layers Fry!!!

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